Coastal Voices Team go to Stockholm for the Resilience 2017 Conference

Kii’iljuus, Anne and Jenn just returned from Sweden after attending the Resilience 2017 conference hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. At this conference, we shared presentations featuring the research amassed via Coastal Voices. In a special session about ‘Weaving Social Justice into Resilience Theory & Practice’’ put together by Anne and colleagues, Kii’iljuus gave a talk on ‘Indigenous Rights, Food Security and Regime Shifts on Canada’s West Coast.

Barb stockholm.jpg

In another session focused on ‘Adapting to Coastal Transformations’ hosted by Jenn and her colleague, Jenn gave a talk on “Navigating Transformation Linked to Predator Recovery and Regime Shifts in Temperate Human-Ocean Systems”.

Jenn presents at stockholm conference.JPG

Our presentations were well received and people asked a lot of good questions! Many people who work in coastal systems in other parts of the world are excited to know more about the work from Coastal Voices and see how our research and learning platforms continue to develop.