First Nations Perspectives on Sea Otter Conservation in British Columbia and Alaska: Insights into Coupled Human Ocean Systems

Highly valued, hunted, controlled and traded by indigenous people for at least 12,000 years, sea otters and humans along North America's northwest coast share a deep history. This book chapter synthesizes archaeological evidence, historical records, traditional knowledge and contemporary ecological data to illuminate how coastal First Nations used, managed and conserved sea otters and our shared ocean home.



Imam Cimiucia, Our Changing Sea

Through the lens of Western science and traditional Native knowledge, art and photography the authors uncover the ecological, social and economic causes of coastal ecosystem change on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The reader is offered a rare opportunity to share experiences, perspectives and knowledge of Sugpiaq Elders and village residents whose lives and intuitions are shaped by the rhythms of the sea. This collaboration illuminates the resilience and limits of marine ecosystems and the vast archive of knowledge and expertise held by different cultures. 



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