Designing a Transdisciplinary Workshop

Right now the Coastal Voices research team, the steering committee and the cultural advisors are working hard to design a transdiciplinary workshop that will be held this summer! The goal of this workshop will be to examine the socio-ecological challenges triggered by the recovery of sea otters through the lens of traditional knowledge and western science to better equip coastal communities with shared knowledge and ecosystem-based strategies to navigate the profound transformations that occur with the recovery of this keystone predator.

We’re talking with elected tribal councils, First Nations marine stewardship managers, and other academics to involve various regional governing bodies and researchers in the design and implementation of this workshop.

The workshop will be focused around specific research questions, methods, and desired project outcomes that have all be discussed over multiple conference calls and in person meetings with the steering committee and cultural advisors:

The concept we are trying to spread is the idea of preparing for the arrival of sea otters by protecting and sharing our food sources. Our goal is to figure out what role humans played in the past and what role are we going to play in the future in protecting our coastal ecosystems. How do we adapt to and prepare for the arrival of sea otters?

- Hup-in-Yook, Coastal Voices Steering Committee

 “The recovery of sea otters and their impacts need to be considered in the marine management plans that our nations and the government are currently working on. We need ideas to get ready. The transition can happen when people are well informed.”

- Kii’iljuus, Coastal Voices Cultural Advisor

kelp forest workshop.png