Exciting News! Funding Enables the ‘Coastal Voices’ Project!

Exciting news! Anne has been awarded a Pew Fellowship! This award carries a dollar value of $150,000 and will be used to initiate the ‘Coastal Voices’ project which will examine the cascading effects of predator recovery on coupled human-ocean ecosystems.

Here’s a quick summary of the project proposal:

“In the world’s temperate coastal oceans, the extirpation and subsequent recovery of sea otters has generated profound changes in reef ecosystems and coastal economies. To confront the complex challenges associated with sea otter recovery, this project aims to work with coastal communities to share knowledge, develop ecosystem-based management strategies and responsive governance structures to help navigate the difficult ecological and social transformations triggered by the recovery of this keystone predator.”

The first step now will be to do more listening and learning. It is important to seek out the advice and opinions from coastal Indigenous leaders and communities to find out how they envision addressing these complex issues and how they can be partners in leading this important work.