Trip to Bella Bella to Present to the Heiltsuk Integrated Management Department

Last week Jenn went to Bella Bella in Heiltsuk Nation territory to present the ongoing Coastal Voices work to the staff of the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department. It was great to be back in Bella Bella, as we have been engaged in research linked to sea otter recovery in Heiltsuk territory (and the adjacent Wuikinuxv territory) for many years now. It was fun to review all the work that the Salomon Lab and the Coastal Voices team have done: dive surveys, underwater experiments, sea otter foraging surveys, fish capture surveys, kelp harvest studies, interviews, workshops, documentary films! So much! Overall, the presentation was well received and there is much enthusiasm for this work to continue.

Jenn with Kelly Brown (H.I.R.M.D Director) and Mike Reed (H.I.R.M.D. Aquatics Manager)

Jenn with Kelly Brown (H.I.R.M.D Director) and Mike Reed (H.I.R.M.D. Aquatics Manager)

There was also a chance to do some great kelp forest and sea otter lessons in the Bella Bella elementary school. This was particularly fun because the students asked wonderful questions and were really interested in the underwater videos and the clips from the Coastal Voices documentary film.


Thanks for a wonderful visit!


Giving Public Presentations about Sea Otter Recovery All Around Vancouver

Over the past 6 months, Jenn has been busy presenting to many groups around Vancouver to teach them about kelp forests, sea otter recovery, and the cool work Coastal Voices has been doing to capture Indigenous perspectives on the changes that sea otters bring to their communities. She spoke at the Beatty Museum of Biodiversity in Nov, Nature Vancouver in Feb, at a Burnaby Naturalists meeting in March, and at a Chilliwack Naturalists meeting in April. Not surprisingly, people found the videos and stories from the Coastal Voices work to be very illuminating – they are looking at sea otters in ways they hadn’t considered before!

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.42.12 AM.png

Trip to Tofino to Present to the Nuu-chah-nulth Council of the Ha’wiih

We just got back from a great weekend in Tofino where the Coastal Voices Team – Kii’iljuus, Anne and Jenn – were invited to present at the Nuu-chah-nulth Council of the Ha’wiih Forum on Fisheries.


It was great to see many friends and familiar faces. We gave an hour presentation that covered the topics outlined below. In particular, Anne and Kii’iljuus requested permission to continue on with this work, as there is still much to do! There was some great discussion afterwards and some really good questions asked. And importantly, the room full of Nuu-chah-nulth Chiefs granted permission for ongoing work. Yay!


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 9.33.16 AM.png

Although we were exhausted from a long day of travel, preparation and presentations…. we felt we should still enjoy some west coast waves before heading home – so the team went for a morning surf (after fresh snowfall)!


Coastal Voices Team go to Stockholm for the Resilience 2017 Conference

Kii’iljuus, Anne and Jenn just returned from Sweden after attending the Resilience 2017 conference hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. At this conference, we shared presentations featuring the research amassed via Coastal Voices. In a special session about ‘Weaving Social Justice into Resilience Theory & Practice’’ put together by Anne and colleagues, Kii’iljuus gave a talk on ‘Indigenous Rights, Food Security and Regime Shifts on Canada’s West Coast.

Barb stockholm.jpg

In another session focused on ‘Adapting to Coastal Transformations’ hosted by Jenn and her colleague, Jenn gave a talk on “Navigating Transformation Linked to Predator Recovery and Regime Shifts in Temperate Human-Ocean Systems”.

Jenn presents at stockholm conference.JPG

Our presentations were well received and people asked a lot of good questions! Many people who work in coastal systems in other parts of the world are excited to know more about the work from Coastal Voices and see how our research and learning platforms continue to develop.

Processing New Video, Community Portraits, and Survey Data

Since our visits last summer we’ve been keeping busy behind the scenes! Ilja, Anne and Jenn have been going through all of the wonderful video interviews that we recorded in Kyuquot and Alaska. First we transcribed all of the interviews and then went back and edited all the video footage (thanks to the amazing Ilja Herb!) to generate new short videos to add to the Video Room. We’re just working on finishing these new video clips (some examples below) and will upload them onto the website soon!

community portraits.png

Ilja is also an amazing photographer. He has taken beautiful photographs of many of the people we have spoken with on our travels, and these now feature on our homepage! Hover over the photos and you can read some of the amazing quotes of knowledge people shared with us.

portraits with text.png

Jenn has also been busy transcribing and starting to analyze all of the data from the survey that she did with community members in the summer. In total she did 77 survey interviews across three communities. These are two of the main questions she’ll be seeking to answer with this survey data. Stay tuned!

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